The Trizz

The Trizz, the toy that goes Wizz!

The mischief machine

It is now a proven fact that children appreciate proper mechanics given once they’ve tried the Trizz!

With its accurate and responsive steering system (patented) and quality wheels kids will quickly develop real driving skills and a taste for movement.

The general layout of this toy, with the wide wheel base at the front, makes for stable cornering and offers reassurance for beginners. The narrow rear wheel base offers unhindered leg movement for those looking for speed and agility but also makes mounting/dismounting easy for toddlers.

The long saddle suits everyone and all styles of riding.

The Trizz will be enjoyed by even by toddlers who have just started to walk!

Nimble, safe and solid.

About Design & Mécanique

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A quality built toy

With its steel frame, wooden saddle and PU scooter wheels, it is built to last.

Thanks to its PU wheels the Trizz is very quiet (no nasty rumbling noise typical of hard plastic wheels), it can be used on all hard surfaces, including indoors.

Balance, coordination and anticipation, all will be aquired without giving it a second thought. Before you know it your kids will be ready for a bike, though probably unwilling to give up their Trizz to their younger syblings.

The Trizz, the only sporty ride-on toy for 18 month-old toddlers 5 year olds (and more).

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